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Here’s what I got planned all this time. I want to create and build a social community website. It will not be anything like Friendster or MySpace, Ok, I lied, maybe a little a bit of that. Just a concept of online communtiy gathering but more on discussing and sharing. I’ll only included 3 categories of interests; users can have 3 of those things all together in their profile. Too many selections will make a mess of my social network.

Anyone can join if they’re interested, that is.

It’s a little bit fuzzy at the moment as I’m still in the middle of coming up with a niche and ideas what to name my Social Community site. What kind of fun factors I wanted to add. I’m also in the middle of renovating the site as we speak. Lotsa stuff to do. My site will be in Beta mode once it’s launched and changes will be an ongoing process.

Hehehe…brave lone venture by myself.í‚  😀

I’m on strict budget with little webspace to spare. My Beta site will not have a lot of features like other giants such as Friendster, MySpace, bla bla bla…. 😛 bleh. At the moment, users can only create profile, share images or links or “know-how” articles for knowledgeable and brainy people. Yeah, fan base forum like thingy. More things to add in the future if I have the extra cash to do an upgrade.

Just my way of doing things online, my style and in complete control of what I wanted to do when comes to building my own circles of friends and online community.

I’ll tell more if I completed the task. Hey, maybe it’ll work …or not. We shall see how it going to turn out. If it doesn’t work out, I’ll just have to send it to the scrapyard. 😀

So..What do you think?

Good idea or I’m just being silly.

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