Free: Viro – Sans Serif Font

Free multipurpose typeface. Viro is a free sans-serif humanist typeface, slightly condensed and with subtle rounded edges. This font would be suitable for almost any purpose from headlines to body copy. It includes uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, symbols and accented letters.

Designed by Tony Thomas | Download


Preview: Desk PC Chassis by Lian Li

Lian Li DK-01 Lian Li DK-02

CompuDesk, PC-in-a-Desk, desk-case, Desk PC or what ever you want to call it, the concept behind creating PC casing inside a desk long been made into working prototype by creative case modders through case mods competition or showcasing DIY project, hack mod designs via computer enthusiasts community websites.

Now, PC case manufacturers realizes the potential behind it and can be mass produce to be an actual product for consumer market. Lian Li is one of those manufactures will begin shipping two versions of its computer desk: DK-01X (USD989) and DK-02X (USD1189) this July in the US.

Product Image dk-01-1 dk-02-2
Model DK-01X DK-02X
Color Black Black
Dimensions (W)900mm (H1)805mm, (H2)835mm (D)600mm Keyboard Tray: (W)800mm (H)50mm (D)240mm (W)1250mm (H1)805mm, (H2)835mm (D)600mm Keyboard Tray: (W)1150mm (H)50mm (D)240mm
Desktop Material Tempered Glass (Max. load:80kg) Tempered Glass (Max. load:80kg)
Body Material Aluminum Aluminum
Leg Material Iron Iron
Net Weight 37kg 45kg
5.25″ drive bay (External) Slim ODD x1 or 2.5″ HDD x1 Slim ODD x1 or 2.5″ HDD x1
3.5″ drive bay 3.5-inch HDD x10 (System1): 3.5″/2.5″ HDD x8 (System2): 3.5″/2.5″ HDD x9
Expansion Slot 10 10
Motherboard HPTX ATX Micro-ATX (System1): Mini-ITX (System2): HPTX ATX Micro-ATX
System Fan 120mm Fan x7 120mm Fan x8
I/O Ports USB3.0 x 4 HD Audio (System1): USB3.0 x 4 HD Audio (System2): USB3.0 x 4 HD Audio
Maximum Compatibility VGA card length: 400mm PSU length: 400mm CPU cooler height: 175mm Radiator: 240mm -360mm (System1): VGA card length: 300mm PSU length: 160mm CPU cooler height: 175mm Radiator: 240mm (System2): VGA card length: 400mm PSU length: 400mm CPU cooler height: 175mm Radiator: 240mm
PSU ATX PSU (Optional) ATX PSU (Optional)
Monitor &Monitor stand Not Included Not Included
Package measurements and weight Packages: 2 (1): (W)974mmx(H)674mmx(L)431mm (2): (W)854mmx(H)174mmx(L)663mm Weight: (1): 34kg (2): 10kg Packages: 2 (1): (W)1324mmx(H)674mmx(L)375mm (2): (W)854mmx(H)174mmx(L)663mm Weight: (1): 44kg (2): 10kg

+ Learn More : DK-01X | DK-02X



Free Seamless Icon Patterns

Seamless-Icon-Patterns-1 Seamless-Icon-Patterns-2

Includes 8 seamless icon patterns, each backgrounds with a unique theme:

  1. gaming
  2. happiness
  3. technology
  4. sports
  5. travel
  6. music
  7. food
  8. design tools

They are provided both as color and black and white in the these formats: as seamless vectors in Illustrator format, as flat .png and Photoshop .pat presets.

Designed by Tony Thomas | Download

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The Illusion of Life | 12 Basic Principles of Animation

The Illusion of Life from Cento Lodigiani on Vimeo.

The 12 basic principles of animation were developed by the ‘old men’ of Walt Disney Studios, amongst them Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston, during the 1930s. Of course they weren’t old men at the time, but young men who were at the forefront of exciting discoveries that were contributing to the development of a new art form.

These principles came as a result of reflection about their practice and through Disney’s desire to use animation to express character and personality.

This movie is my personal take on those principles, applied to simple shapes. Like a cube.
Check also the animated gif gallery here: http://the12principles.tumblr.com/.

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SSD Cloud Server, VPS Server, Simple Cloud Hosting by DigitalOcean

DigitalOcean is a simple cloud hosting provider built for developers. Easily deploy a blazing fast SSD cloud server in 55 seconds within an easy-to-use control panel. Deploy an 512MB RAM and 20GB SSD cloud server in 55 seconds. Simple, fast, scalable SSD cloud virtual servers.


Windroy: Android On Your PC

Windroy by Socketeq is Android running with Windows kernel. It does not run by a virtualization software (such as VirtualBox), it’s on real machine, so it’s fast. It keeps full Android capabilities. You can run all Android apps, including 3D games.

Full porting of Android to MS Windows, with the goal to extend Android’s application scope. Here is a snapshot of Android’s home screen, when running as a Windows native application.


Windroy: Android On Your PCGoals

  • Full porting – keep Android’s all originality, from UI to Dalvik virtual machine.
  • High performance – make use of  Windows OS and hardware performance leverage, such as graphics hardware. acceleration and high performance media codec.

Key technical points

  • OS adaption layer (OSAL) between Android and Windows.
  • Android Framework/External projects porting.
  • Hardware acceleration for Graphics subsystem.
  • Dalvik VM porting and optimization.
  • IPC (binder) porting and optimization.


  • current ported Android version is 4.0.3r1, new version is being developed.
  • can run on Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.
  • has exactly the same user experience with the original Android.
  • integrated with Windows applications, such as Flash, Windows Media Player, etc.
  • supports any UI resolution, such as 1920×1080.
  • supports windowing mode or full-screen mode, window scaling in windowing mode, and switching between windowing mode and full screen mode.
  • supports IO devices such as mouse, keyboard, remote control.
  • supports Ethernet, PPOE.

Target application cases

  • High performance Android development tool.
  • STB.
  • Tablet.

Windroy Screenshots


Windroy: Android On Your PC 3Browser

Windroy: Android On Your PC 1App Drawer

Windroy: Android On Your PC 4For more details and download via Socketeq


Free Responsive iOS7 Style Template

Thin-HTML5-Coming-Soon-Template-1 Thin-HTML5-Coming-Soon-Template-2

This free fully coded HTML5 and CSS3 ‘Coming Soon’ template features elegant iOS 7 style and ultra-thin UI elements with a flat appearance. It’s fully responsive and uses CSS3 animation to fade in foreground elements on page load. The working jQuery countdown timer is optional and the blurred background can easily be replaced with another image or plain color.

Designed by Tony Thomas | Download

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Free Transportation Vector Icons


Free icon set features 15 outlined stroke (48 x 48 pixels) icons for transportation and various methods of travel. These scalable vectors included in the download are car, train, plane, motorcycle, bicycle, ship, scooter, bus, taxi, helicopter and more. Download the infinitely scalable vector freebie and get access to PSD, AI, EPS and SVG file types.

Designed by Tony Thomas | Download

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Free Hand Drawn Web Banners


A set of 15 sketch inspired banners and ‘kitschy doodled’ web ribbons. These are all completely vectorized and the AI file allows for changes and update to the color, stroke width, and scribble effect. Included are various styles of sketchy banners for adding a playful, hand drawn touch to your designs.

Designed by Tony Thomas | Download




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Free CSS Outlined Button Icons


A huge collection of fully coded outlined web buttons. They’re very easy to implement in your existing projects, and they’re made even prettier with CSS3 transitions to only display the icons when you hover over the button. Also included standard large, medium and small buttons. All available in 5 default colors. No bitmap images are used, only vector SVG files. It would be great to implement these buttons in your web form, developing mobile apps and etc.

Designed by Tony Thomas | Download

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Free Vintage Emblem Shapes – Badges, Stickers and Seals of Quality


This free pack contains 12 unique vintage emblem vector shapes, perfect for creating your own vintage-badges, web stickers, banners, seals of quality and more. The graphic art download contains PSD, AI, EPS and SVG files, making these infinitely scalable as well as easily editable. All of the badges are blank allowing you to add your own text and some grunge textures and you’ve got a beautiful, distinct badge.

Designed by Nathan Brown | Download


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Free: Stationery Branding Mock-Up Pack


This popular resource allows you to drop in your logo or artwork via Smart Objects in Photoshop to showcase branding across various print materials. Included in the free download are completely editable pieces, including letterhead, CDs, iPhone and iPad, business cards, a magazine cover, envelopes and writing utensils.

*Warning:  250mb in file size

Designed by Tony Thomas | Download

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Free Clothing Vector Icons


Included are 20 fun and free vector glyphs for clothing and apparel. There are icons for t-shirts, blouses, jackets, a dress, skirt, underwear, hats, shoes, and more! The icons are 60px in size, but are infinitely scalable. The download contains popular filetypes: PSD, AI, EPS and SVG.

Designed by Tony Thomas | Download


Designer Essentials Flat Design


In this free vector pack, we’ve included some of the most popular items that graphic and web designers love, including but not limited to Apple products, a Moleskine sketchbook and writing utensils, and of course a required shot of espresso.

  • Apple iPhone 5
  • Apple iPad Air
  • Apple MacBook Pro
  • Moleskine Notebook
  • Pencil
  • Sharpie Marker
  • Nikon Digital Camera
  • Cup of Espresso
  • Apple Keyboard
  • Magic Trackpad
  • Magic Mouse

*File in PSD format.

Designed by Tony Thomas | Download

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Asus Releasing Its Version of GeForce GTX Titan Z


ASUS releasing its version of NVIDIA‘s powerhouse, the GeForce GTX Titan Z GPU (the fastest and most expensive GPU ever)

When NVIDIA first announced its GeForce GTX Titan Z, a $3,000 dual GPU monster, the entire tech world was amazed not only the massive price tag, but the big amount of RAM, NVIDIA managed to pack into the setup. Today ASUS announced the launch of its version of the Titan Z, which features 12GB of GDDR5 RAM, and NVIDIA’s GPU Boost 2.0 technology.

The Titan Z features Dual 28nm GK-110 core architecture, 5760 Cuda Cores, 12GB of GDDR5 RAM, and a GPU Base Clock of 705MHz, with boost speeds reaching 876MHz. The RAM is clocked at 7GHz across a 768-bit memory interface. With its dual cores, and massive RAM, the Titan Z is capable of running multiple monitors at 4K resolution. ASUS did not mention pricing.

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