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I really like using Firefox when I surfed the internet. It can save me the trouble of opening so many new windows with the tabbed-browsing features. I can view new page in a new tab, within a single Firefox window. I can open links in new tabs, where they will load while I read the current page .

The problem with Firefox is that the more I opened the tabs and it starts to slow down. Firefox can use abnormally huge amount memory when multiple tabs are opened or browsing for a long period of time. The only way to make it go faster again is by restarting Firefox. Maybe and just maybe at this point, previously opened tabs are restored and sometimes it doesn’t.

If I wanted to restore the recently closed tabs which for whatever reason Firefox did not restore for me, I have to use History option and click on every single links to reopen it.

So my solution is by saving all my favorite tabs before Firefox start to slow down. To know when Firefox is lagging: right click menu can take a long time to show up, jerky mouse pointer movement, clicking on tabs can freezes the whole browser, etc. To check, open the task manager if memory usage is more than 300Mb then its time to save the tabs.

Go to Bookmarks –> Bookmark all tabs –> [Folder Name] ( create name for the tabs ) –> OK

Restart Firefox. If it doesn’t restore all closed tabs, go to Bookmarks –> mouse over and highlight on the folder created earlier and click –> go down to Open All in Tabs and click.

I can restore all my favorite tabs when Firefox failed to restore it for me.

If you know any other hack or better way to restore multiple tabs without the use of Bookmark All tabs option, you can share it here by commenting on this post.

2 thoughts on “Save the tabs when Firefox lags

  1. i have found if you go

    Task Manager > processes > end firefox

    when you restart it always asks if you want to restore the previous session

  2. only if you set:
    Tools > Options > Main > Startup – When Firefox start > ‘Show my windows and tabs from last time’ or ‘Prompt for session to load’…

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