Self-Transforming Optimus Prime G1 by Robosen Robotics

Introducing Optimus Prime G1, the World’s First Auto-Converting, Interactive, Programmable, Voice Activated, Mobile Controlled Robot.

In collaboration with Hasbro – Robosen brings your favorite TRANSFORMERS hero, Autobot Leader Optimus Prime, to life with a fully immersive experience through voice-activated actions, mobile app controls, and endless hours of creative and fun ways to program Optimus Prime to walk, punch, blast, drive, and convert at the swipe of your finger, or command of your voice.

The world has never seen an easier way to convert, and roll out.


  • Mobile App Controlled – Supports 64 bit Android and IOS Devices.
  • Voice Controlled – Supports 40 voice commands.
  • Programmable – 4 Programming Options.
  • 27 Servo Motors – Head 1 / Chest 2 / Arms and Hands 6×2 / Legs and Feet 5×2 / Drive Wheels 2.
  • Microchips – 60 Microcontrollers to control 27 servo motors.
  • Bluetooth Connection – Connects via Bluetooth 4.2 BLE.
  • Microphone – A built-in microphone allows the robot to react to voice commands.
  • Speaker – Built-in speaker for system sounds and robot response.
  • Lithium-Ion Battery – Rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries are included with the robot.
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