Shot progression from Disney’s Frozen


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Check out this shot progression from Disney’s Frozen, where animator Daniel Peixe reveals how the team went from 2D sketch to final 3D animation.

ShotProgressionSven from Daniel Peixe on Vimeo.

I’ve been wanting to post a work in progress video of some of my shots from Frozen. This is the first one I wanted to post and it shows the process that I go through on a shot like this. I use 2d animated rough tests a lot in my workflow,  specially for a broad cartoony shot like this one. I wanted also to show how the 2d sketch translates into the character,  and the fact that I don’t copy 100% the 2d into the ,  I just use it as a reference and starting point. Later, I hide it and concentrate on polishing and refining the animation.

I would like to credit the talented people responsible for making this shot look the way it does in the final movie:

Voice acting of Kristoff: Jonathan Groff
Story Boards: Fawn Veerasunthorn
supervisor : Lino Disalvo
Sven’s rig: David Suroviec
Kristoff’s rig: Nicklas Puetz
Tech Anim :Corey Bolwyn
FX: Mike Navarro
Lighting: Benjamin Huang
Music Score: Christophe Beck

And of course, I want to thank the amazing Mitja Rabar for his role as Sven during the live action reference!!

I hope you enjoy it!

wp1 Shot progression from Disneys Frozen