Isle of Man TT – Ride on the Edge 2 Game

In TT Isle of Man – Ride On the Edge 2, you prove your worth in different championships before setting out to conquer the Snaefell Mountain Course, a 60 km-long track with both winding and straight sections that will push your riding skills to the limit. TT 2 features 17 additional tracks, 18 different motorbikes including classic models, and the official riders.

And now it’s more realistic than ever, thanks to entirely revamped physics and faithfully reproduced rider movements. Fine-tune your motorbike, upgrade its performance and monitor its data in real time so you can stay competitive.

TT2 also offers a brand-new open world, a biker’s paradise where you can test your bike settings and gain the experience you’ll need to win the TT Isle of Man title.

For the sequel, the bike physics have been rebuilt from the ground up to create a more realistic behavior. The gyroscopic effect is now completely integrated for more precise steering, and speed wobbles have been added to alert riders that a fall could be imminent.

The brakes and shocks have also been redesigned. They now respond to all bumps in the road and create a riding experience that is more realistic to what a real motorcyclist feels.

TT Isle of Man 2 releases March 19.


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