Lego Stop-Motion Animation

LEGO ADVENTURE IN THE CITY from Rogier Wieland on Vimeo.

This is a short stop motion animated story that we made for Lego China.

See the Making of here:

Written and directed by: Rogier Wieland.

Client: Lego China.

Agency: AKQA ,Shanghai.

Production house: Black and Cameron, Shanghai.


Animators: Rogier Wieland, Danièle Knirim, Yoana Buzova, Suus Hessling, Raymon Wittenberg, Iris van den Akker.

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Producer: Danièle Knirim.

Voice over talent & boy in snake suit: Thomas Boyd.

Art direction & design: Rogier Wieland.

Set builders: Matthias Hurtl, Pieter-Henk van Wijk

Special thanks to: Nadine Bradshaw, Jasper van Blokland, Jesse Hendriks, Jean Villanueva, Mickey Yang.

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