Print Your Screen – Probably Fastest Screen To Print Software Ever

Product Name: Print Your Screen


The Software that Makes Printing Screen Shots And Saving Screen shots instant.

You Want Proof? Watch the video here.

Suppose you want to print the files in one of your folders, like the screen shot below.

I guess this is how you do it NOW:

  1. Hit the print screen key.
  2. Open the program that you want to import the screen shot in e.g. Photoshop, Paint, Coreldraw, etc…
  3. Paste it.
  4. Message appears that your picture is too big for the current settings of the document.
  5. Change the document settings.
  6. Your telephone rings and you need to look up something else on your computer.
  7. Telephone conversation is finished and now you need to browse your folders again to find the folder of which you wanted a screen shot of the content.
  8. Hit the print screen key again
  9. You forgot to change the settings of the document, just before the phone rang, so a message appears again that your picture is too big for the current settings of your document.
  10. Change the document settings.
  11. Save the picture as….

This is how you could be doing it:

  1. Hit the printing your screen button that is installed on your computer, once you have installed the software (done in literally 2 minutes).
  2. This is how the software looks:
  3. Select Screen To Printer
  4. Job is done! 3 seconds later you have your printout.

Guess you do not have to be a genius to work out how much time Printing Your Screen Software can save you. Get your copy FAST before the price goes up!

With Printing Your Screen, You can:

  1. Print your whole screen.
  2. Print a selection of your screen by SIMPLY dragging your mouse over the area you want to print.
  3. Save your whole screen as a JPEG -picture.
  4. Save a selection of your screen by SIMPLY dragging over the area you want to save.

We left out all the Bells and Whistles that you will never use. That’s why our software is SO SO simple and SO SO easy to use.

You have absolutely nothing to lose as you have a No Hassle, No Questions Asked, 60 days Money Back Guarantee.

Click the “Add To Cart” button to get immediate access to your software, which will be installed as easy as 1,2,3. Seriously!

Click here to get Print Your Screen

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