Prolong Hard Disk Lifespan


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Hard Disk drives are complex electro-mechanical devices that can suffer performance degradation or failures due to a single event or a combination of events occurring over time. Environmental conditions that affect drive reliability include ambient temperature, cooling air flow rate, voltage, duty cycle, shock or vibration, and relative humidity.

One of the worst enemies of hard disk drives is heat. Within a drive, the reliability of both the electronics and the mechanics such as the spindle motor and actuator bearings) degrades as temperature rises. Running any disk drive at extreme temperatures for long periods of time is detrimental and can eventually lead to permanent data loss. Hard disk drives are often damaged because of the high temperature within the PC housing – especially true with newer higher capacity drives. Problems usually occur when the temperature exceeds 40°C.

Simple and inexpensive solution for the majority of users to use to cool their hard disks is by installing a Hard Disk cooler.

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Case designs today just aren’t sufficient enough to cool off our hard disks. Back in the time where 5400 RPM hard disks were mostly stocking our computers, hard disk cooling wasn’t a factor in after market cooling, but now SATA drives ( that can revs up to 10000RPM or more ) are a common thing and a standard or when computer user possess multiple hard disks, hard drive cooling becomes a necessity.

Reality check, not everyone can afford those fancy and expensive computer casings with all sorts of special internal liquid cooling water unit or hardware monitoring accessories. You don’t need all that, buy any cheap Hard Disk cooler in the market. Cheap Hard Disk cooler is quite suffice and will do a fine job removing the heat away from your hard disk(s) and provides continuous airflow. Hard disks, especially newer ones that run faster, generate quite a bit of heat. You will want to make sure that this heat is kept under control. Hard Disk coolers are a nice option to compensate for poor case design.

Hard disks carry and store all the permanent and important data. Everyone would like to have their hard disk last as long as possible. You will increase system stability and secure your information by adding additional cooling devices to your hard drives. Of course, frequent data backups should never be overlooked.

There are two main types of Hard Disk coolers:

Active Cooler

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Active coolers rely on fans to blow air directly onto the hard disk. For computer cases with little or poor airflow, an active hard disk cooler would work best.

Passive Cooler

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Passive coolers rely on heat sinks to spread the heat over a greater surface area so that it can be cooled by the existing airflow in your case. For computer cases that already have sufficient airflow, a passive cooler can cool down your hard drives without adding any extra noise.

Hard Disk Cooler Features

  • Reduce Hard Disk Temperature
  • Extends your Hard Disk Drive life and reliability
  • Fits 3.5″ or 5.25″ drive bay
  • Easy Installation
  • Posses an intelligent design
  • Extremely affordable price
  • Great price to performance ratio