Disclaimer: Editing your Windows configuration can be risky and will end up in an unstable operating system. Only proceeds if you are fully understands the risks involved and you don’t mind doing it anyway.  This article only serve as an educational purposes and will not held it responsible for any […]

My blog is now running on WordPress 2.5. I did run into some difficulties with it at first, since I don’t even bother to fully explore and learn about it. Luckily, the first install doesn’t cause any serious problem. But I do have slight compatibility issue with some of the […]

Last night I was thinking, I like creating skin for the i-Theme and stuff. Maybe I can create custom skin for other WordPress users who are using the same theme. How’s that sound?. I can share and publish my work. And, it’s a big YES, its FREE but a little […]


This is my first tutorial for the newbies to WordPress blogger and share my knowledge and experience. A simple ‘div‘ or ‘center‘ tag is use to center align javascript, html or flash embed codes in sidebar. Example: <div align=”center”><YOUR CODES HERE></div> or <center><YOUR CODES HERE></center> Other html tag can be […]