Here’s what I got planned all this time. I want to create and build a social community website. It will not be anything like Friendster or MySpace, Ok, I lied, maybe a little a bit of that. Just a concept of online communtiy gathering but more on discussing and sharing. […]

My blog is now running on WordPress 2.5. I did run into some difficulties with it at first, since I don’t even bother to fully explore and learn about it. Luckily, the first install doesn’t cause any serious problem. But I do have slight compatibility issue with some of the […]

Yes, I’m back to update my blog. It’s been a month or so…hmm…make that 2 months. My blog gathered dust all this time. I can’t even find the time to even post a single article. So what I’ve been up to all this time. I get myself a temp job. […]

Cool. 8). I got a ping back from another blog. This an update on post titled “Problem solving your Math equations?“. To show my gratitude for adding that post, I should return the favor by linking back to that blog. I didn’t know it first but the comment given by […]


I didn’t post any new interesting articles lately this last few weeks. I’m stumped for something to write about. One of the toughest things about being a blogger, much less a professional blogger, is finding great topics and content for posts. I’m doing more like chicken scratching if I’m trying […]


My blog down for one whole day because I need to move it to Apache server and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. Now I can use pretty permalink and it take quite sometimes to get use to learn how to change it. No more of that ugly and […]