Learning How To Code With Treehouse

Treehouse, a leading online education provider, seeks to help prospective coders become great coders by providing a rich libraries of high quality videos organized into specific learning tracks, along with interactive quizzes and code challenges.

Treehouse provides deep and high quality training in HTML, CSS, Javascript, User Experience, as well as Back-End development in Ruby, PHP, iPhone and Android applications. Treehouse is a great investment for those wanting to learn how to code without any prior experience. Their videos are designed to take you from knowing nothing about code to getting yourself a job in the tech industry.

Subjects HTML, CSS, Javascript, User Experience, WordPress, Ruby, PHP, Java, iOS Development, Android Development, Game Development, Business and more.
Courses 1000+ videos, all learning tracks feature Quizzes & Code Challenges. New Video content is added weekly. Gold Subscription adds additional 200+ Videos in a variety of subject areas.
Student Level Beginner to Intermediate.
Format Video, Interactive Quizzes and Code Challenges with Code Consoles
Certification No formal certification, although many badges help track your progress.
Cost Basic Subscription is $25/month and Pro is $49/month.

Because there are so many courses, Treehouse organizes them into what are called Tracks. These are pre-selected sequences of training topics that you complete in a specific order. Below are some examples:

  • Web Design
  • Rails Development
  • iOS Development
  • Android Development
  • PHP Development
  • WordPress Development
  • Starting a Business

Treehouse solved this problem by creating tracks that act as a roadmap so you know what to learn next. The following track is for rails development. It starts off simple by teaching fundamentals of web design – HTML and CSS3. It then progresses further with other languages and skills you’ll need to know to become a full-fledged Rails developer.

Treehouse Tracks
Treehouse Tracks

Treehouse’s content meets such a high standard of quality is because it’s all crafted by a team of in-house expert teachers. Unlike other training websites, they don’t allow just anyone to submit a course to the library. To give you an idea of the quality of the training, here’s one of the HTML videos:


They have an elaborate set of badges that map to each course, challenge and quiz. Earning these badges is helpful to keep the motivation up and allow you to see your progress. Badges offer a way to track your progress and motivate you as you gain your skills.

Treehouse Badges

Treehouse does an admirable job putting the right tools and support in place. A custom-built Forum area that provides everything you need to ask or answer questions. It is not a ghost town like many others learning libraries — you tend to see a few dozen posts each day, and the posts are thankfully tagged by subject area. Moderators are quick to answer questions to ensure that you aren’t left hanging, and the forum uses Markdown, a lightweight markup language, so it’s very easy to format your posts with code — ensuring rich answers that are easy to read.

Treehouse Forum

There’s even a job board built right into the Treehouse website. This is super convenient if you’re looking for a job or even looking to hire for your business. Treehouse doesn’t just teach you how to write code, it trains you to become a coder. This is crucial if your goal is to start a career or business.

Team Treehouse is a great paid option for learning coding, specifically web development. The coursework is rigorous and interesting, the projects are good motivation, and the incentives are very useful for keeping you interested. The major highlights include the code playground and the constant stream of new content to learn.

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