Opens Firefox faster



No software hacks or tweaks here, just something user needs to do before opening Firefox or other based browsers with multiple tabs.

Everytime users launch Firefox with multiple tabs, the browsers took quite sometime to load until all the tabs have fully reloaded and can be a strain to memory usage.

As long the multiple tabs are opens, the memory will continue to increase.

To avoid the long waits for the tabs to auto reload, memory usage issue, browser lags and faster launching.

Here’s what you need to do.

  1. Before clicking on the Firefox icons, disable your internet connections or do not turn on your modem just yet.
  2. Launch Firefox and let all the tabs loading and you will see “Server not found” error on all pages.
  3. If you check the task manager Firefox will only use less then 100000k of memory.
  4. After that, enable your internet connection or turn on your modem.
  5. Only refresh the tab you wanted to view.

That’s it. Simple thing.

wp1 Opens Firefox faster